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School Tours

The TEXAS Maritime Museum offers varied and exciting exhibits that cover many aspects of TEXAS Maritime history.  Our Education Director is happy to work with students of all ages and tailor your TEXAS Maritime Museum tour to what your students are learning. 


For rates, how to book, and how a TMM tour can benefit you, see the information below!

       Field Trip Rates

ACISD Schools - FREE Admission


All Other Schools

$3.00/per student

Please book field trips or activities

in the Education Center at least several weeks ahead to insure availability. 

Specialty Tours


For an additional $1.50 per student,

you can book a specialty tour.  Each museum tour includes a standard museum tour and special presentations and activities designed to teach specific TEKS.  The list of specialty tours currently available is below. 


Educator Resources

Click the link below to see what your students can learn from a Texas Maritime Museum tour!


To book a school tour, please contact Shelly Knostman, Education Director at or 361-729-1271.

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