Live Music Line-Up

2pm: Myndfields

Specializing in Classic Rock, R & B, Big Band and 80's

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5pm: The Staudt Brothers
Formed in 2014 by two brothers and a medicine man. An electric five piece with a penchant for obscure Folk, Red Dirt, Americana and Bourbon.
Staudt Bothers were formed in the summer of 1979 in the basement of a world famous pub known as The Blind Dutchmen, sitting in a ramshackle, hard knocks portion of Liverpool. Its original founding members met while staggering down stairs in search of a restroom. After a few rounds of ale a fortifying shot of Peach Schnapps the new band mates agreed that rock and roll was dead, disco was ruining the world, and John Denver was in dire need of a haircut. After several recording sessions in the world renowned Fairmont studio of producer Argyle Smithwicksonburg the rolllicking foursome laid down what was to be the first and only album. Upon hearing the final cut, Argyle promptly set fire to the studio declaring "what has been captured here can never be duplicated, replicated, annotated or bifurcated. As the studio burned the band drove off in their 1966 VW to hit the road in support of the record. Rolling Stone heralded the album as the "worst piece of self indulgent, misguided, narcissistic, inebriated music ever recorded." Inebriated it most certainly was as the now deceased founding drummer Gerald von Hornstein recalled in his memoir that it took no less than 147 bottles of vodka, 75 cases of Pearl and a gallon of Kentucky white lightening to complete the studio album. the New Yorker once referred to the album as, " confirmation of the decay of western society." Fortunately for the band, nobody in Liverpool reads the Rolling Stone of the New Yorker or anythign at all for that matter and Argyle was able to book numerous gigs at local venues such as the famous Horse and Saddle Lounge, Coopers Alley, St. Lawrence Episcopal Church and the underground rock icon Sewage Center. Spirits were high Spring of 1980 when vocalist Dermot had a tragic accident involving a quart of motor oil, two pounds of butter, a horse whip and a Stretch Armstrong doll captured on local cable access news. What followed was a downward spiral of drugs, alcohol and women until in the winter of 1982 the band, unable to inspire a follow up album disbanded in favor of a new venture. Acting. Yes really. No I'm not kidding.


8pm:  The Spazmatics

The Spazmatics were born in the spring of 1983 when physics professor Kevin Stigwood of Alta Dena High in Thousand Oaks California, lost a debate over String Theory to an upstart pupil in front of the entire student body and faculty. As agreed to by both parties, the loser would have to do anything that the winner demanded, and the victorious prodigy demanded that Mr. Stigwood perform “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby during half-time at an upcoming state basketball championship game.

Having no musical background and desperate to not go down in total humiliation, Professor Stigwood formed The Spazmatics by tapping the genius of electronics teacher Sydney Balderman (AKA “Syd Sonic”), who had achieved international acclaim in 1981 for his invention of “robot drums.” When Balderman (who was also the girls water polo coach at Alta Dena Middle School) explained that most of the music could be generated by computers, and that all he needed was a couple of decent musicians to complete The Spazmatics, Stigwood was ecstatic. To make The Spazmatics complete, Stigwood brought in his special needs brother Curtis on bass, and teacher’s assistant Rusty A. Woosmeir (AKA “The Raw”) on guitar.When The Spazmatics took center court that evening, members of the hip elite began heckling them with jibes of “geek” and “nerd,” while everyone else howled with laughter. But once they broke into the opening salvo of “Science,” the nonbelievers were stunned by the group’s authenticity of production, world class musicianship, and tight choreography. The Spazmatics performance came to a climax when Stigwood grabbed one of the cheerleaders and began doing the “Belinda” up and down the court with her in tow. When it was all over, the crowd rose in a standing ovation, and The Spazmatics were born.

Band Members Include:

Cody Taylor
Kevin Garinger
Nate Vancil

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